Our company information

We are really into software.

To pursue continuous technological growth, to develop, support and enhance cutting edge applications of tomorrow. Supporting challenging business needs and satisfying the constant demand for technological innovation of today’s world.

Using decades of experience and training to solve business problems with technology is lot’s of fun.

Of course this site will get updated and revised in month to come, this 1st version was build in 10 hours because dealing with copy rights on images is very time consuming. Today is 5/31/2017, It’s just past midnight, it was raining all day and unusually cold for the season, we actually had the same weather this winter mid 50th (f) with rain.

This site is using BootStrap and Amazon Web Services and jQuery, ASP.net in some pages. Other then marketing purposes this site is used for testing, learning, communicating, legal reasons as well.

Our Skills

The most crucial skill in this business is the ability to learn new things and adopt. We are beyond a roster of things we know and have experience with. We just get it done right, this stuff is very intuitive at this point.

Our Team

Dmitry Polonsky

Dmitry Polonsky

Dmitry has an MS in Management Information Systems and a 22 year veteran of the software industry. Like many kids today, Dmitry slept with a laptop under his pillow, that laptop had Ms-DOS OS, MS Windows came out a couple years later.
In his spare time Dmitry likes to raid and pillage neighboring villages!


Abby Polonsky

Abby has a large pile of various training and schooling certificates that includes master level obedience training. Abby job is to promote best coding practices and ensures smooth and stress free work environment. She does cute like no-one’s business.